Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dry Skin Therapy For Replenishing Your Skin's Vitality

Anyone who has ever suffered from dry skin has undoubtedly looked for a dry skin therapy that will work for their skin. Many dry skin remedies only work on the surface, never penetrating through the top layers of skin. An effective remedy is one that penetrates through to the deepest skin layers to deliver results that last.

Herbal ingredients are considered to be the gentlest on the skin. When herbs are paired with natural oils that can help them penetrate the skin to deliver healing, the results will last far longer than herbal ingredients that are paired with mineral oil or other ingredients that only sit on the surface of the skin.

Dry Skin Remedies

One of the most healing herbs in an effective dry skin therapy is witch hazel. Dry skin that has been resistant to other remedies may be helped by products that contain this herb. It can be effective for the toughest dry skin and even on psoriasis. A product that uses witch hazel will be more effective than one with ingredients synthesized to act like the real thing.

Allantoin is another natural ingredient that is effective against dry skin. This component is derived from several healing herbs and can restore skin that is rough and damaged. Allantoin is an especially helpful therapy for skin that has become inflamed. This soothing substance can regenerate healthy new cells in place of the older, dry cells.

Natural Ingredients

Use products that contain natural oils and butters. These ingredients can be found in the best dry skin therapy products because they can not only moisturize but seal in that moisture and prevent it from escaping. Shea butter and macadamia oil are both effective moisturizing ingredients.

Choose skin care products that use only natural, pure ingredients. Dry skin can become irritated by products that use cheap, harsh chemicals instead of natural oils, butters and herbs. Look for products that list several active ingredients derived from nature and don't use chemical fragrances that can irritate skin.

Dry skin therapy should start with a good product that uses natural ingredients that have been proven to soothe dry skin. The products should be applied gently so that the skin is not irritated. Dry skin remedies should be applied with the fingers in a gentle, circular motion. This ensures that the skin is moisturized without irritation and further problems.