Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Best Dry Skin Therapy in Under 600 Words

Some of us are genetically blessed with skin that never develops moisture problems but most of us end up with dry skin issues if we don't take care of ourselves. As we age, the years of exposure to weather and sun start catching up. But with an effective dry skin therapy, this damage can be reversed and skin health can be restored.

The best dry skin therapy has three parts: good food, plenty of water and natural moisturizers.

Most of us don't drink as much water as we're supposed to. But this is the single most important part of any skin therapy designed to avoid dryness issues. Two quarts a day if you can manage it!

Diet is also important. You need to deliver vitamins A, B and C as well antioxidants to fight free radicals (which is a primary cause of skin damage). Plenty of raw fruits and vegetables with lots of carrots and berries will improve the health of your skin. Also try camomile tea - or if you're more adventurous dandelion tea. A flax seed oil supplement will also help.

But these are just healthy life style choices - they aren't remedies. You also need to understand what you can apply topically in order to heal and regain a natural and healthy moisture level.

First, a word about chemically produced skin moisturizers. Stay away from them! Most of them are based on mineral oil.

The way it works is two-fold; it acts as a barrier between your skin and the atmosphere therefore prohibiting any moisture loss and it also draws the moisture up to the top layers. Your skin feels moist and smooth to the touch but over time it is actually drying out the deeper dermis. And mineral oil doesn't add anything in terms of nutrients. Over the long term, it actually works to take moisture away from the deper levels. Not an effective dry skin therapy.

Look for a dry skin remedy that contains natural ingredients that not only hydrate but also deliver the nutrients you need to rejuvenate.

I've done a great deal of research in my quest to find the very best natural ingredients and there are a couple I would expect to see in any of the dry skin remedies I would consider.

Manuka Honey is derived from the manuka bush and has amazing qualities. It's not just that it brings moisture - it also penetrates into all seven skin layers bringing lasting, healthy moisture along.

Cynergy TK is an exciting recent development in skin care that is actually a form of naturally derived functional keratin (one of the building block proteins of the skin). It can improve moisture content of skin by almost 20%!

Avocado oil also has a moisturizing effect in the skin and penetrates into the deeper layers. It is rich in essential skin proteins, minerals and vitamins and keeps your skin healthy and nourished.

There are a variety of other natural ingredients that would be an excellent addition to a dry skin therapy and you can read about them at my website if you're interested. I've also written about the dry skin remedies that I've found that contain these wonder ingredients. You don't have to suffer from dry skin. Educate yourself and take the necessary steps to regain that youthful healthy look!