Saturday, February 22, 2014

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Aging, HIGH Stress, Poor Diet, And No Exercise?

With the invention of more accurate and sophisticated medical tools, medical science has also developed new methods of treatment. There are thousands of medical research stations that are involved in experimental activities of various diseases. The continuous and persistent efforts of these researchers gave us a new technology that is called stem cell therapy. It is a revolutionary treatment in the field of cellular medicine. Normally, treatment methods consist of taking oral medicines, injections and operations in serious cases. These methods have been an effective tool of medical science but as compared to this new technology, these treatments were performed at macro level. While this new treatment is done at micro or lowest level of body.

It is similar to the situation of atomic bomb. In the old days, bombs were made by adding different explosive materials together. Now, science discovered fusion reaction that is initiated at atomic level that is the lowest level of some element. As a result, it is much more dangerous than bombs that were made in the old days. In fact it has no comparison with those bombs. Similarly, this technology of cellular treatment has no comparison with other methods. In Stem cell therapy, some cells are injected into the body of the patient and they do their work because they can differentiate into one or more cell types. Once they have learned about the diseased cells of their own then they will generate healthy cells and will replace diseased cells with the healthy ones. This treatment will act like a natural healing process because its origin is same as the natural healing process. It collaborates with growth factors of body and makes more cells with the help of blood vessels.

This technology has made it possible to provide cure for those diseases that were considered deadly and long lasting. There are some states of human body that may not look like a disease in the start but in the end they will help in creating much more complex diseases. Each and everything that happens in our body system is connected to the activities at cell level. Once these activities are controlled at the cell level, then the aftereffects of these activities can be controlled. Stem cell therapy does the same job.

Our aging process is directly related to cell activities and their life cycle. Those people who do exercise regularly, their mortality is very low as compared to those who don't do exercise at all. Actually, exercise is a natural way of replacing old cells with the newly generated healthy ones. Poor diet affects our body systems and thus affects our cells. Cells also need nutrition so that they can generate more cells by the process of division. Stress is related to neural abnormality but it has direct effect on the cell growth. Cell division requires proper energy and environment. Stress causes complexities in division. This new therapy has solution to all these problems. It will help cells to take part in the healthy activities due to which growth factors will be affected.