Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dry Skin Therapy

There was a time when dry skin therapy actually followed dermatologist recommended protocols, but not anymore. A lot of this is because of the marketing ploys from some of the companies selling dry skin remedies. What you see in the television and magazine ads, may not be an accurate representation of what that product will actually do.

There are several things that you need to do in order to have an effective dry skin therapy. First you have to go through some steps one by one, until you figure out exactly what the problem really is. It could be any number of things from your diet, vitamin intake, current skincare regimen, how much water that you drink, to showering in unfiltered water.

Let's start first with your diet. A low fat diet is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but how low is too low? The oil of your skin, sebum, cannot be efficiently produced unless there is a certain percentage of fat in your diet. One of the best dry skin remedies is to strive for is for your daily fat intake to be around 30%.

Before you think that you're going to blow up like a balloon if you do that, hear me out on a couple of things. If done correctly, you will not see any noticeable increase in your body fat percentage. This is because with this dry skin therapy we're going to raise that percentage using fish, and olive oil.

Sound crazy? Well it's not. Olive oil is one of the best dry skin remedies and one of the healthiest oils that you can use to increase the fat content in your diet. Fish, which you may already be eating to a certain extent, is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, just what you need to get your fat percentage right where you want it.

Another step that you may need to take in your dry skin therapy is to overhaul your vitamin regimen. You need to purchase yourself a good multi-vitamin, because you may have a vitamin deficiency which is causing the problem. Try also a good fish oil supplement to help you to obtain your omega-3.

Next we have to look at the current skincare regimen that you are performing. Do the products that you are using contain ingredients such as alcohol, petrolatum, or mineral oils? Well then toss those products in the garbage, and look for some all natural dry skin remedies to use from now on, preferably ones containing vegetable oils.

Keeping up with your water intake is the best dry skin therapy that you can give to yourself. You should be taking in about 3.5 liters, or 118 ounces per day, in order to maintain healthy skin and proper bodily functions. Since the body is comprised of about 70% water, hydration may be the best medicine for almost any ill.

Try all of the dry skin therapy ideas listed above, either one at a time, or try to change them all at once. It couldn't hurt you, as they are all healthy suggestions aimed at fixing your personal dry skin problem.