Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bio-Energy - An Introduction to Bi-Aura Therapy

'Bi-Aura' is the name given to an energy therapy introduced to the UK by Maire Dennhofer in 1995 to distinguish it from other bio-energy therapies. It is a bio-energy based therapy wherein students are trained to locate blockages in a client's aura, remove them by means of specific hand techniques combined with visualisation and intention and, in so doing, allow new positive energy to flow to these energy deficient areas. The therapy encourages the client to heal his/herself by restoring the flow of balanced energy around the client's energy field.

When we experience mental, physical or emotional traumas in life they can leave indelible, sometimes invisible, imprints within our energy field. If left uncleared for long enough, they start to form blockages that manifest in mental or physical illness.

The seven main chakras of the body resemble spinning wheels and act as energy receivers, generators and transformers. The chakras supply this energy to all the different organs, muscles and tissues of our bodies. It is believed that if the seven chakras are open with energy flowing freely throughout the body then we should have a good, healthy and balanced life. When this energy becomes blocked it needs to be drawn out of the chakras and cleared from the aura, while visualising any excess, toxic energy being transformed into 'white light' as it is swept away. Bi-Aura practitioners can either do this specifically at each chakra after gathering the energy there or raise the frequency of this blocked energy upwards to another chakra and, by lightening it this way, draw it out more easily.

Bi-Aura therapy is predominantly a non-tactile therapy as practitioners are working with the movement and transformation of the client's energy field: unblocking excess energy and energising where there is deficient energy, all towards achieving balance in the aura and consequent good mental and physical health.

Bi-Aura is ideally practised on the client in four sessions. This is because there are four distinct stages that the client may experience before they are restored to better health.

The aim of the first session is to break the cycle of ill health that the client is caught up in, to stop the blockages from getting any more ingrained in the energy field than they already are.

The aim of the second session is to take the client through a 'detoxing' phase wherein they are coming out of the comfort zone of ill health and their energy is shifting out of its imbalance as it lets go of excesses and takes in energy where it needs it. This prepares the client for change and he/she may experience this as a time of emotional and physical upheaval as a result of feeling unwell because they are releasing toxins and residual blockages that could have been there for years. This can be a pivotal moment as the client decides whether to go on with treatment or go back to their comfort zone. It is critical at this time for the practitioner to persuade the client how much it will be to his/her benefit to continue on for the full course of treatment. It is important that the client is not left as an unfinished 'loose end' after this session in case they are still detoxing and blockages have not been fully removed and thus leaving them in further mental or physical stress.

The aim of the third session is to start focusing on balancing the flow of energy throughout the body and aura as the eliminations of toxins should be complete by this stage.

The fourth and final stage (unless it is apparent that the client needs more intensive therapy for a bit longer) is all about maintaining the balanced, free-flowing energy field and consequent healthy individual. It is important to ultimately have moved the client up to a higher plane of health and have set the blueprint for better health in their energy matrix.

The client's medical background, physical and emotional wellbeing and personal aims for the sessions are recorded at the beginning before the first session. Then, after the final session, recording client feedback is essential to assessing what health benefits have been achieved by the client and also how well the practitioner assessed and diagnosed them along the way for their personal record, too. Clients remain fully clothed throughout the sessions and it is best if the client visits the practitioner's environment as the atmosphere is attuned to the practitioner's higher vibrational energy.

The practitioner generally meditates and practises Qui Gong to attain and maintain a higher energy awareness level to banish negative energy and to generate positive energy towards the client. The room is best prepared by energising the atmosphere using relaxing scents and music, lit candles and starting the session with simple Qui Gong exercises to further raise the energies of client and practitioner pre-session.

Everyone is different and can react variously to the effects of Bi-Aura. People with longterm illness may have an investment in staying ill, some personal pay-off for wanting to stay within their comfort zone of ill health. For other people it can be totally life-changing. Yet for others it can just bring a sense of peace and wellbeing which could still be just what they needed.

The theory that people have to want to change is still true but Bi-Aura is good for having a knock-on effect on all areas of one's life unconsciously.

For instance, if a practitioner were to work on a pain in someone's leg ie the root chakra area and removed energy blockages therein, then that person would walk better which would then energise the sacral chakra above, which is concerned with fluidity of movement; which, in turn, would affect the solar plexus chakra above that is concerned with motivation and transformation as that person would then feel more ambitious and able to meet life's challenges; this, in turn, would lift any depression out of the heart chakra above that and the person would probably relate to other people in a more sociable, kindlier way and so it would go on, things getting better and better, physically and emotionally.

The energy shift caused by removal of an energy blockage in the lower chakras causes the excess or deficient energy balance within the chakra above to re-shuffle for the better as the energy works towards the crown chakra and the attainment of our higher self and place in the world as a healthy, enlightened individual.