Sunday, January 5, 2014

Urine Therapy Is Your Pee'Scription to Better Health!

In the West, drinking urine is completely ridiculous. The mere thought of it causes nausea and disgust. The fact remains that urine therapy has been around for as long as man has. There is no evidence that it has ever harmed anyone and many firmly believe that is has helped and even healed them in some way.

One of the former Prime Ministers of India proclaimed on American National T.V. that he drank 500 ml. of his own urine every morning and he believed it was the very reason he lived healthy to age 100. Yogi`s and some Buddhist monks which are among the oldest living people of the world, drink urine to heal and purify their bodies. Medicine Buddhist Monks will smell and taste the urine of patients to determine illness and for the purpose of determining treatment.

Drugs come with a long list of side effects while urine therapy has no known ill effects.

Every day we can turn on the T.V. and hear reports of how drugs and medicine have been found to have terrible side effects. Somehow however, we have learned to tune those things out in the hope that we can take some magical pill and all our problems will disappear. At the same time, when we hear someone speaking about natural remedies including urine therapy, we think... what nonsense.

Urine therapy in the Morning

It is time to wake up and smell the Urine. Anyone who does drink their own urine can instantly tell if they ate healthy the day before, or ate processed junk food. The proof is in the smell and taste of the pee. If you ate healthy the day before then the smell will be minimal and the taste will be like slightly warm water with just a hint of mineral salts in it. If however, you ate fast food or some other kind of junk, then your pee will have a very strong odor and the taste will sting with a rancid overwhelming flavor.

Just the Facts About Pee!

The fact is, we have known for some time that pee is a sterile fluid with many minerals, vitamins, hormones and other components that have been passed by the body simply because the body was unable to make use of them at that particular time. It may be that the body had enough of those at the time or it may be that a less than optimal bodily function was unable to make use of them in spite of their being needed by the body.

By consuming the pee, it re-introduces those things in a form readily absorbable by the body. More and more people around the world are being "Sold" on the idea that only drugs are real and only these chemical medicines can aid the body in healing. But before you blindly follow someone who stands to profit from your choice, consider the facts.

Have you ever known someone on drugs who was healthy?

I have never known anyone who was on drugs or in need of surgery that was healthy. But I have known many who ate natural foods, took herbs, practiced urine therapy, meditation and spiritual practices along with other traditional medicines and practices that were very healthy. That`s a fact!

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