Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Importance of Physical Therapy

With scientific advancements and improvements in the preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medicine today we have solutions and treatments for almost all medical issues; however, holistic ways of treatment are still popular all over the world for a number of reasons. They are totally natural and organic and are not associated with any short-term hazards or organic damage to tissues. Anyone can be a candidate for holistic methods of treatment like physical therapy and chiropractics. Physical therapy is very effective in treating the symptoms of diseases without any risk of long term complications.

Physical therapy can be employed by every individual in order to improve the stiffness of muscles and joints that occur in the setting of inflammatory joint diseases. These diseases include arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis) that limits the range of motion and causes moderate to severe pain. PT helps in removing the toxins, inflammatory mediators and free radicals that causes pain, redness, inflammation and disease.

Traumatic injuries that occur as a result of accidents (road traffic accidents, falls or physical impact) can lead to injury to ligaments, bones, muscles, tendons, joint capsule or cartilage. Physical therapy helps in the healing of tissues by providing warmth and support to healing muscles and tendons for healthy recovery.

Age-related wear and tear changes affect the integrity of joints and little can be done to repair the damage; however, by employing PT exercises, further damage can be prevented and complications can be decreased. Moreover, physical therapy improves the range of motion and pain-free activity across damaged, osteoporotic joints and also prevents the damage to nerves to improve numbness, paresthesia and other symptoms.

Unlike other field of medicine, physical therapy governs all aspects of healthcare. If you have certain risk factors, these exercises can help in preventing diseases and complications by improving blood circulation and stability of bony architecture in medical conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, osteopenia, chronic steroid therapy and others. PT exercises performed by athletes, elderly patients with low physical mobility and pregnant women decreases the risk of damage to joints and ligaments. PT exercises in the elderly and hospitalized (bed-ridden) patients helps in preventing bed-sores, infections, deep venous thrombosis and other complications.

In case of certain injuries like torn ligaments, osteoarthritis and other degenerative joint diseases, bone aches and other issues, physical therapy exercises promote natural tissue healing and repair. Injuries are a part of sport-related activities and most athletes avoid surgical procedures to avoid the risk of damage to other vital structures and also to reduce the time for post-op recovery. PT exercises help in achieving both the treatment of injuries and the promotion of early post-op recovery in case of surgery.

Physical therapy exercises are widely used for rehabilitation after major surgical procedures all over the world. After major surgeries, early mobility and physical activity is very important and determine short hospital stay and early recovery. This therapy is used for rehabilitation in patients after cardiac surgery to promote early return of circulatory function of heart. However, since vigorous activity is not indicated, physical therapy exercises are the only option to restore normal circulation. Physical therapy can also be used following surgery involving major vessels for deep venous thrombosis in order to prevent the formation of thrombus, embolus and lymph edema by promoting blood flow across the vessels and also helps in healing. It's used in surgeries of the gut that increases the risk of thrombosis and other issues and any surgery that involves bones, skeleton, ligaments and muscles for healthy recovery.

The most important component of physical therapy is to educate patients and other individuals about its importance. Education and awareness about physical therapy exercises helps in the prevention of a number of health related issues and complications.