Sunday, January 12, 2014

Massage Therapy for Pets

Humans are not the only beings that can benefit from a massage therapy, in fact pet massage therapy was developed to improve and maintain healthy condition among our pets. This type of therapeutic massage is intended for pets who have suffered injuries or for those who are with certain health problems. This type of natural treatment is beneficial not only for pets but also for pet lovers who aim on keeping their beloved animals safe and healthy at all times.

In case you don't know how to massage your pet, pet salons offer this kind of service at affordable prices depending on what type of therapeutic massage you want for your pet. Make sure that the massage therapist is a certified and licensed masseuse before you have your pet massaged to avoid any risks of injuries or complications. It is also wise to consult with your vet to know if having a pet massage therapy for your little angel is beneficial or just a waste of your money. If you don't want to spend for this type of massage therapy that you think you can learn and do it yourself, then doing it at home is the best idea.

There are different types of pet massage therapy that are beneficial and effective for the improvement or healing of your pet. Below are some of the most commonly used and popular types of massage therapy for pets:

1. Acupressure - this is similar to the acupressure used on human beings except for the fact that it is used on much different key positions on the pet's body. However, the aim is still the same as unblocking energy lines and keeping the energy within the body balanced are the goal of this massage method. This type of massage therapy is commonly used on animals that are suffering from ill conditions and those that are old and suffering from muscles and joints pain. Unlike with the acupressure used on humans though, pet acupressure uses significantly lighter level of pressure to ensure that the pet is enjoying the healing process instead of getting uncomfortable and confused with the treatment.

2. Reiki - this is a Japanese style of pet massage therapy which is similar to shiatsu as it touches the meridian points of the pet's body. The main goal is also to unblock the energy channels all over the pet's body to improve and trigger the self-healing properties of the body of the pet. The objective is to maintain the balance of energy inside the pet's body to retain its healthy condition. Like acupressure, reiki is used on injured and ill animals that need to quickly recover and improve their immune system.

3. Traditional animal massage - more like the Swedish massage which uses light and gentle massage strokes to give comfort and healing to the pet's body. The process of continuous mild stroke all over the pet's body also creates positive behavior in your pet as it increases the trust level of your beloved companion. Expect an increase in blood and oxygen circulation in your pet and a much better outward appearance due to the relaxing and stress relieving benefits of the traditional animal massage.