Saturday, March 8, 2014

Colored Light Therapy

We are living in a world full of colors to brighten our days. Colors not only give us a beautiful world but good health and wellness, too. How so? The advent of technology brought medical advancement to man. Various machines have been used to induce health upon the sick person in hospitals and clinics all over the world. Colored light therapy is also known as chromotherapy. These are the terms used to mean therapy using a particular wavelength or spectrum of color for a particular period. Color light energy draws its principles from the ancient belief that energy fields comprise the human body. Correct amounts and proper circulation of energies ensure that the body is healthy. However, imbalances in the amounts of these energies, coupled with problems in energy circulation, offset the natural balance in the body and trigger illnesses. To replenish the deficient energy, another form of energy is needed. Since energy from color is accessible and easy to obtain, this is considered as one of the best ways to recharge the body's energy supply to regain the balance of the person's physical state.

Colored light therapy is used to treat common skin problems: acne, psoriasis and eczema. This is also used to counteract seasonal depression and other psychological and psychiatric illnesses. Jet lags and insomnia are also treated by this therapy. For years, neonatal jaundice has been treated by colored light therapy.

The wide range of conditions that colored light therapy can cure dictates the kind of light used for treatment. A certain wavelength may be good for acne but would not treat depression. Each wavelength of light has its own vibration on a specific frequency necessary for healing. One of the safest to use is the full spectrum colored light therapy, which uses all the vibrations in the full spectrum.

Each wavelength targets a specific condition. Red light, the coolest of all the lights in the spectrum, encourages circulation and is therefore good for the heart and muscles. The next in the cool series, orange light encourages cheerfulness and promotes good health. Yellow light eliminates a variety of toxins and stimulates the mind. Like all things green, green light induces relaxation, which is why it is best for reducing inflammation and swelling; it also promotes wound healing. Blue light heals the whole imbalanced energy system. Violet light brings spiritual wellness and proper body system functioning. It is not unusual that the treatment using the full spectrum of light provides the best healing effect on the body.

The light frequencies are potent enough to provide physical and emotional healing, as well as pain reduction, that their effects are almost immediate. As the particular type of light energy vibrates to re-energize the body, healing is promoted and the body goes back to being well balance and adequately nourished. Each wavelength works well with the other wavelengths to allow the body to rejuvenate properly and prevent pain from coming back to bother the person.

Too much sunlight may cause carcinogenesis, but controlled color light therapy does not induce cancer and is generally safe to use.