Saturday, March 1, 2014

HGH - Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Research has shown that Human Growth Hormone, most effective in the young, is responsible for the development of healthy bone through calcium retention, boosting the immune system, promoting healthy growth of internal organs and is generally conducive to natural healthy growth in children along with many other good qualities.

Because of its naturally beneficial properties for good health and growth it is probably only natural that HGH has been explored for its therapeutic potential.

Probably the most obvious and widely known choice for the use of HGH Therapy is in children who suffer from below average growth in childhood. In this area research and studies have shown that there are distinct benefits to the use of HGH.

But there are also claims that HGH Therapy can help with some of the more serious and life threatening diseases. The uses of HGH Therapy in the treatment of Crohns disease, Multiple Schlerosis and fibromyalgia, whilst showing some benefits is still contentious and could really benefit from a more in depth study. Other benefits in the use of HGH Therapy have been reported in body building, weight loss and anti aging.

Trials of HGH in anti-aging studies have revealed some benefits but in other areas it appears that when the therapy is stopped the body reverts back to its normal condition. There is still a long way to go before this can be claimed to be a success and more concrete evidence is required.

Bodybuilders have seen some benefits from this type of therapy, but instead of producing strength it just causes the muscle to retain more water giving the sculpted muscle tone without strength. If you want a more toned body with enhanced muscle sculpture then this might be for you, but once again, as soon as any therapy is stopped the benefits are gone.

Diet and exercise taken in conjunction with the HGH Therapy has proved to optimize the benefits, but attention to diet and exercise will go a long way to providing some of the perceived benefits of HGH Therapy without the need for HGH at all.

Studies show that there is a potential for HGH to be beneficial in a lot of areas of health and development that affect nearly every person and every household, but what it also needs is a more in depth research program that can produce detailed evidence.

If HGH Therapy is something that you are considering there is a wealth of information out there to help you make your decision as well as whole range of treatments available. From tablet, injection to oral spray HGH Supplements, all are available.

If you want to make your own informed choices and decisions on HGH then just turn on your computer and check out the dozens of websites for information both for and against the use of HGH Therapy and Supplements.