Thursday, March 6, 2014

How To Get Your Vibes Up With Vibrational Sound Therapy

Doctors and therapists have been using vibrations to treat a variety of ailments and injuries. But what exactly is vibrational medicine?

Vibrational therapy medicine is an approach that endeavors to heal illnesses using a subtle manipulation of energy fields through directing energy into the body. And sound therapy is actually a method of applying vibration therapy. Such facilitates positive change in one's energetic fields by leading the body towards healthy vibrations.

Still don't get it? You see, everything in this world and even in this universe is energy - and all energy vibrates. Even one's thoughts and emotions are energy, and have vibrations as well.

So if you feel stressed out, angry, or scared, these feelings are unhealthy vibrations. On the other hand, when you feel good about something you are having harmonious and healthy vibrations.

And just for a little background, the story of vibration therapy actually started in the Russian Space Program. Originally, Russian scientists and physical fitness professionals specializing in outer space living found out that cosmonauts have significantly loss in bone density and muscle tissue after they came back from a lengthy period of space travel.

These results were associated to the lack of gravity in space. Eventually, the experts felt experimented more about vibration therapy technology.

And after a lot of research, theory development and further experimentation, they discovered that vibration technology considerably brought lot of positive effects like strengthened muscle tissues, improved one's flexibility and balance, increased bone density, burned up moderate amounts of fat, eliminated fatigue, speed up metabolism and more.

Going back to today's vibrational therapy. Nowadays, there are various vibration machines and equipment that people use to revitalize and other health purposes, such as the singing bowls.

Conventionally, singing bowls are made from a combination of seven metals. However, most singing bowls on today's market are made from just three to five metals. These bowls work wonders as they produce tones that can relax you deeply - creating a harmony between your body and soul.

Sound waves from the ringing bowls can reach every cell in your body as vibrations massage the cells as they pass through. Just like any other vibrational machines, such method will take you to a state of complete relaxation.

Actually, sound therapy and cellular massages have been known to provide healing results to damaged bodies.

Being healthy must come from within. So get your vibes up and keep away from negative energy. Remember, good vibrations leads to a healthy and harmonious body.