Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top 3 Natural Fertility Therapies

There are many natural fertility therapies available to help you boost your fertility or balance your body in preparation for conception. I am going to share with you my favorite three. I feel these three are some of the most effective natural fertility therapies available. They can be used by any woman who would like to increase her reproductive health


Acupuncture has been a staple in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries, and because of its effectiveness it will most likely remain at the forefront of natural procedures. Although acupuncture has come under fire several times in our modern age, every single time it has been tested, researchers have come back and stated that while it may not "cure" a disease it does in fact have a positive influence on the body! The point of acupuncture is not to cure your disease; acupuncture is used to promote positive energy within the body to help it restore a normal healthy environment. Basically, it is used to help relax the body, promote healing, and maintain health once it is restored.

While traditional acupuncture does include the use of several tiny needles, modern practitioners have found ways around this with the use of pressure or other techniques. Now days an acupuncturist may use suction, pressure, heat, friction, or even electromagnetic energy to stimulate your points. This all depends on your personal preference; bottom line is generally you need an acupuncturist to perform these techniques. The next natural fertility therapy we will discuss can be done in the privacy of your own home by you or your spouse. This therapy is called fertility massage. 

Self Fertility Massage

Fertility massage combines several different types of massage that can be performed by yourself, or a loved one on the abdomen. This massage like acupuncture has been used for centuries to aid in fertility and conception. Fertility massage can aid in correcting several of the problems that commonly cause infertility such as blockages, adhesions, scar tissue, and many more. It is very important that one knows all the correct techniques and time frames in which to perform fertility massage. The really great thing about fertility massage is you can apply the technique for yourself.

Fertility Cleanse

Last but certainly not least is fertility cleansing. A fertility cleanse is very important when preparing your body for conception, cleansing the body before conception is essential to prevent any toxins from being passed to your baby in utero, creating a healthy menstrual cycle, and preparing the uterus for conception. During a fertility cleanse you will take very specific herbs that cleanse the liver and uterus of old toxins, hormones, and stagnate blood. This will in turn promote a more healthy reproductive system, and a healthier body. It is important to understand that once you become pregnant you should not cleanse

The truly great thing about natural fertility therapies vs. traditional fertility therapies is, natural fertility therapies will leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed and make you healthier over all. Traditional fertility therapies may often be stressful, expensive, and treat one specific symptom, not the whole body like natural therapies does. But when medical assistance is necessary natural remedies can help to create a healthier body, lessen the stress of the situation, and possibly help to increase your chances of success.